Sacral Chakra

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The Second Chakra, Sometimes called the Emotional Chakra, is located next to the spleen halfway between the base chakra and your naval. This Chakra is related to both creative and emotional energies.

The Sacral Chakra controls and determines the consciousness of emotional pleasure and influences is the emotional sphere. 

This Chakra allows us to experience the joy of feeling, both emotionally and physically. It influences our ability to experience pleasure, to enjoy sensuality, and sexuality on the earthly plane.

As you might guess, this Chakra controls our appetite for sensation. Be it through sound, taste, smell, touch, or sight. It is the centre in which our consciousness can experience the wonder of being in the body and enjoy the human experience.

A balanced orange Second Chakra allows us to have balanced emotions, and enjoy our sensuality, our ability to sense. It encourages us to discover life through feeling. This Chakra is the centre of self-care and gives us the urge to make choices that bring pleasure. This is good.


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