Root Chakra

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The First Chakra is located at the base of the spine 

The Base Chakra represents our foundation, and the feeling of being grounded. The Base Chakra primarily controls consciousness of survival. It stimulates the urge to take care of yourself in order to stay alive such as to eat, sleep, and protect yourself.

When this Chakra is over or under active it contributes to patterns of addiction, and cannot do the job of balancing, protecting, and maintaining the physical body.

If the Base Chakra is overactive, you might overeat because you have a need to feel safe and nurtured. You might crave foods like fats and sugars in an attempt to gain relief from your awareness of danger, survival, nervousness, or anxiety. You might also drink or do drugs to diminish the feelings of insecurity, paranoia, or vulnerability.

Some of the consequences of a blocked Root Chakra are depression, fatigue, daydreaming, delusions, or mental illness.

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