Heart Chakra Chakra

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At the level of the heart, is your Fourth Chakra,  This Chakra is the centre of love in your consciousness which is different and higher in the body than the centre of consciousness for emotion. 

A lot of us forget that love is a totally different vibration from emotion. Love is balanced, calm, giving and accepting of one’s self and others. 

This Chakra connects the lower ego and physical self, to the higher soul, or spiritual self. It is the midpoint vibration of consciousness in the body. The Heart Chakra controls the consciousness of self-acceptance, acceptance of others, trust, well-being, a sense of having what you need, abundance, prosperity, and good health. It is also the point of consciousness where a person can feel the pain and joy and struggle of another person, or of the world. 

The Fourth Chakra is the empathetic centre, allowing you to empathize with others as well as accept love and friendship into your own life. If your Fourth Chakra is off balance, you will have trouble finding and maintaining friendships and love.



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