• My coaching is helpful in : Relationships, family and social issues, Business establishment and business development, addiction, Dealing with sickness, stress management, anxiety and depression, Spiritual path, dealing with children, financial security, Weight loss, phobia, Personal development  and image consultant. 


  • Coaching will help you get in touch with the real you without self judgement.  It will help you cast out your fears, so you can live the life you want in the present moment and still pursue your dreams and finding your inner peace. 


  • Spiritually, we will identify if there any negative emotions and negative thoughts that is creating a destructive behaviour, we will plant new positive thoughts in your subconscious mind, to generate positive emotions leading for a healthier lifestyle, you will be trained to be more aware and conscious about thoughts and emotions, so you will attract everything you want using the law of attraction, and to experience love, joy and abundance in your life.

  • Coaching puts you in contact with your wisdom, potential and creativity. It helps you become the best version of yourself.