Mindfulness Guided Meditation

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Mindfulness video

Hello, I’m Maroun Azar, I’m a certified life coach and spiritual helper, and my mission is to help others be happier in their lives.

Today we will be talking about mindfulness. 

What is mindfulness? It is living the present moment with your body, your thoughts, and your emotions. 

To understand more about mindfulness, you need to remember 2 main key elements that will help you to live mindfully.

Number one: The here and now

Number two: breathing consciously 

1. The Here and now

Your body already exists in the here and now, you should focus on bringing your thoughts and your emotions to the present moment as well. 

If now you are thinking what am I going to eat after watching this video, it shows that your thoughts are in the future.

Also, if now, you are still upset because your boyfriend or girlfriend did not text you today, it shows that your emotions are coming from the past. 

The past and the future don’t exist, the only moment that you are living in is this present moment here and now.

Your emotions and your thoughts should be born here and now. 

How to be aware of the present moment?

This question brings us to the second key element of mindfulness: breathing consciously 

Breathing is the only proof that we are alive, if you stop breathing you will eventually die. Since the day we are born, no one teaches us how to breathe. However, what is it to breathe consciously? 

Breathing consciously means hearing the sound of your breath while inhaling and exhaling. It is being aware of how the air is going in and out of your system.

In fact, our breath should be slow and calm while inhaling and the exhaling.

By breathing slowly and calmly, you relax your mind, and you let in the oxygen and the prana energy to each cell of your body.  

There are a lot of techniques, and explanations when it comes to mindfulness, in this video, I tried to simplify it as much as possible.

In the end, mindfulness is the relationship between you and your inner self, it is the private and intimate relationship with the human being inside your body, you need to experience it to be able to understand it 100%.

The first step to start living mindfully is through mindfulness meditation, watch my next video to practice the mindfulness meditation. 

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