photo of maroun azar
arz photo from lebanon taken by maroun azar

I am a certified life coach, registered in the European and Spanish association for coaching. I studied at  IEC Instituto Europeo de Coaching. My practice is based on the modern positive psychology like mindfulness, emotional intelligence, CBT, and NLP. 


I am Lebanese , living in madrid, Spain. i believe that my life experiences and my training in life coaching allow me to be a successful personal life coach and a powerful spiritual helper.  

 I speak English, Arabic, Spanish and French

My goal is to Assist you to break through old ideas, habits, beliefs and  thoughts, so you can go and get what you  want from this physical life .

You will discover how your body, your mind, and your soul are communicating between each other to create the present moment, and you will learn how to manage them in favour of your health and wellbeing. i will be honoured to stand by you during your self/discovery process.