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Hello, I’m Maroun!
As certified life coach, I am dedicated to helping you become the person you were born to be!

Coaching will help you connect with your inner-self in order to reach your full potential and creativity. It helps you become the best version of yourself


Born and raised in Lebanon, and currently living in Spain, my journey has been filled with inspiring life experiences that made me realize my purpose in life, and got me to where I am today.

As such, my life coaching practice has allowed me to help people like you who are looking to break through old habits and ideas in order to unleash the powers of your true self.

Connect with your higher-self

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Create your future

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In order to create and live the best version of your personal and professional life, you need to self-reflect without self-judgement. Working with a life coach will help you get in touch with the real you while helping you face your fears and limitation so you can live a fulfilling life.

All sessions are available in Arabic, English & Spanish

Life coaching
1 on 1 session covering all areas of your personal development for you to improve your quality of life.
Healing and spirituality
Helping people in their spiritual journey is my hobby. In this healing session I will help you break the old patterns of your ego
Meditation and mindfulness
Mindfulness is used to develop self-awareness and wisdom that can gradually lead to what we call enlightenment from suffering
Group session
Couple or group session is a versatile session that can help couples, families or even friends, resolve conflict or heal a collective trauma
Workshops and retreats
Workshops can be tailored based on your needs, and can go from 3 hours, to full day to a weekend retreat.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in Harmony

Mahatma Gandhi

How to Deal with Anger

Anger vibrate at low frequency; it attracts more anger into your life as per the law of attraction which prevents you from attracting happy life events.

Therefore, it is essential to transcend this negative emotion and increase the frequency of your emotional body.


Self - Control Techniques

What you get

As a life coach I am dedicated to support you in the beautiful journey of self-discovery, personal development and self-realization!
Achieve your Goals
Learn to define and pursue life goals
Attract Abundance and Health
Eliminate negative thoughts & learn the essence of the Law of Attraction
Find Happiness
Align your goals, thoughts and physical-self and find inner peace and happiness

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How to deal with anger
The key to a healthy Relationship
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